When legendary Bill Shankly described football as a matter much more serious than life and death, he gave a very glossy glimpse of the impact that the king of all sports has in every society. That is why there are many reasons that make football the most popular sport in the world.

These are the same reasons that make PAOK Action a huge decision of act from PAOK FC, which based on the big potentials of football, starts with the sole purpose to inspire and unite people to fight for a better world.

Willing to give back to society, part of what each people has offered to the Club of PAOK since the first day of its founding to nowadays, PAOK Action is much more than a well-organized plan of actions: a contemporary lifestyle with high respect and responsibility for society.

Because for PAOK is morethan the 90 minutes of
a football match!

Together for a great purpose

The purpose of PAOK Action is not only to provide help and relief to those in need. The extended meaning of our purpose is to promote the value of co-operation, the offer to the public good, and also the belief that everything can be done when we are together.

Through PAOK Action we want to initiate the construction of a more optimistic future for each family, to get to know each other better starting from the smallest neighborhood and to fight with all our strengths as “teammates” in this huge derby called life.

Beneath our shared cultural values, mutual love for our ancestors’ heritage and the common need for a better world, we embrace diversity and become equal in all our aspects to improve our everyday life!

PAOK Action and EFDN

PAOK Action is a member of the EFDN – European Football of Development Network – which aims to inspire and support all professional football clubs to develop their social action. By making football a key tool in shaping an inclusive society, PAOK Action strives to create a sustainable living environment for the whole world.

PAOK Action and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Sustainable Development Program, adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Under this program, the potentials of football constitute an effective tool for achieving the goals of Sustainable Development and of the positive change it tries to bring to the fields of Health, Education, Gender Equality, Labor, the abolition of Social Inequalities, the Responsible Development and Production, Climate Change and World Peace. PAOK FC participates in this ambitious project with other leading European football clubs, prioritizing Greek society through the Strategic Plan of PAOK Action. A vision for a better world that we are worth working to make a reality.