A message from the President

Dear friends,

As president of PAOK FC and above all, as a person who respects the values that characterize this Club, I have always been convinced that victory is not only about football games but also about the real-life outside the court. So, my desire to stand by those in need has become a lifelong purpose.

The history of PAOK, since the very first day of its’ founding, has been written through big victories against hard situations, always promoting fighting spirit, self-sacrifice and the belief that we will succeed in the end. They are the same principles that we are willing to promote again, this time through the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Plan of PAOK Action.

Understanding the difficulties and problems that Greek society is facing and aware of the enormous contribution of each people to the Club of PAOK throughout its history, we have decided with my partners that solely individual actions are not enough. Complete action is needed through a well-organized plan that will provide serious help and, above all, give hope to all.

The goal of PAOK Action is to become the Club’s actual reward to the people who are used to fight and not give up. It is the fulfillment of PAOK’s historical responsibility for the high values that characterize the Club.

I, therefore, urge everyone who appreciates these values to discover PAOK Action and to support this endeavor, being a connecting part of a humanity chain that aims to improve the lives of all people. I strongly believe that all together, we can achieve everything!

Ivan Savvidis – President of PAOK FC