About PAOK Action

PAOK FC does a huge step from theory to action and tries to inspire awareness for social giving, love for culture and the everyday effort for our common good as a society.

About PAOK Action

PAOK Action transports PAOK principles and sports ideals from the football playgrounds into the everyday lives of all people. Following the same fighting spirit and sense of responsibility that the club’s history stands for, PAOK Action is trying to provide coverage in society’s most vulnerable parts through decisive acts.

PAOK Action is the PAOK’s Official Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which expresses the Club’s Consciousness to promote some of the highest Social Messages such as solidarity, selfless help and human rights protection. Through anthropocentric actions with great respect for every people, we actively contribute to society, using the potential and the prospect of football.

PAOK Action started several years ago and has so far completed dozens of programs that have provided relief to hundreds of thousands of people, whether they are PAOK fans or not.

Through a strategic plan which consists of well-organized actions that concern the whole spectrum of Greek society and beyond, PAOK FC is making this dynamic and innovative opening to the world, trying to contribute to those in need, but also to protect all the humanitarian values that a sensitized society has to respect.

Most important, though, is the Club’s effort through PAOK Action to inspire all people to act. From the biggest to the smallest act, when everyone is involved in one important purpose, the result can only be great.

Because all togetherwe can make our world
a little bit better!