What is PAOK Action?

PAOK Action is PAOK FC’s Program on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); it represents the moral sense that drives our promotion of all social messaging of solidarity, aid and protection of human rights by means of human-centric actions & our respect to fellow humans and the environment.

Who is PAOK Action addressed to? Is it just for PAOK fans?

No. PAOK Action was launched quite a few years ago and has implemented many programs to date that have helped, both directly and indirectly, hundreds of thousands of people, whether they were PAOK supporters or not.

How can I become a Supporter– CSR Partner of PAOK Action?

By filling in the dedicated form on PAOK Action’s official webpage. After sending a message, you will be contacted by a PAOK Action representative.

Accessibility tickets

Accessibility Season Ticket: to issue an accessibility season ticket, you must present a certificate of severe disability (67% or more) valid until 31.05.2020. The accessibility season tickets are sold in discount, they are not available online and the presence of the person interested at PAOK FC’s HQs is required to issue such a ticket. No disabled season tickets will be available for Gates 4 – 4Α -7Α and the VIP area. No disabled season tickets will be available in the first round since all said tickets are to be renewed.

Gate 7: Entrance to the specially developed area before Gate 7 may be allowed subject to showing one’s certificate of disability >67%. Entrance to one’s escort requires purchase of a standard ticket for Gate 7. (limited seats)

Gate 5: Entrance to the specially developed area in Gate 5 for wheelchairs and escorts is allowed subject to the purchase of individual standard tickets for Gate 5. (limited seats)

Where PAOK Action is located?

PAOK Action’s HQs are at the Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki.

How may I file a request for PAOK Action support?

By filling in the dedicated form on PAOK Action’s official webpage.

How can I apply for a vacancy in PAOK Action?

In case there is a need for more staff or a new job opening, then this will be announced via PAOK Action’s official webpage. However, we think highly of your application to join the PAOK Action Volunteer Network.

How can I donate except for purchasing PAOK Action products?

You are kindly asked to contact us by email and we will be happy to provide you with more information on how to proceed with donations. PAOK FC and PAOK Action do not accept “do donations”, yet they are made directly to the beneficiaries.