Protecting our heritage

PAOK FC through their PAOK Action announce their collaboration with the Antiquities Service of Thessaloniki Municipality for a series of actions that seek to clean and protect the historic monuments of the city.

Footballers Chuba Akpom and Marios Siampanis went to the Byzantine Walls of Thessaloniki for a unique action. They used special equipment in order to erase the graffiti that had caused serious deterioration due to their chemical substances and irreparable aesthetic damage. The cleaning process is tough and time-consuming. Graffiti and other mottos were written in just a few seconds, but it took many hours to remove them.

PAOK FC feel an obligation to support, conserve and highlight the natural and cultural beauty of Thessaloniki, as the city’s heritage to future generations. PAOK also respect graffiti artists and will soon give them the opportunity to express their talent and showcase their talent and work through creative projects.

Respecting the monuments is respect to culture, to civilization, to ourselves. Don’t write on them. Shout and chant your love for your team, don’t write it on the monuments.

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