PAOK stands by Pyrsos

Pyrsos Thessaloniki blind football team participated in a renowned tournament in Belgium, with the support of PAOK FC through PAOK Action.

The Greek players faced tough competition but they put on outstanding performances and managed to get second place.

The team consisted of:

Head coach: Paschalis Ampatzoglou

Goalkeeper: Giorgos Ampatzoglou

Assistant – Volunteer: Katerina Gakou

Nikos Gagoulis

Babis Tokatlidis

Nikos Brantis

Stratis Englezos

Giorgos Alikaniotis

Dimitris Efeimoglou

PAOK Action has been the main sponsor for the blind football team “PYRSOS”, giving players the opportunity to show their skills.

«Because we can all make the world a better place»