PΑΟΚ Junior Reporter: Vangelis v Pelkas

A few weeks ago he participated in the Athens International Marathon Race despite being in a wheelchair, getting introduced to the broader public. But Vangelis has been a special member of PAOK’s family for years now…

Despite suffering from a rare disease and being confined to a wheelchair, 12-year old Vangelis hasn’t lost his major asset: his smile and his thirst to experience everything that he theoretically can’t.

Two seasons ago he traveled to Florence and invited Dimitris Salpingidis to dinner. His schedule didn’t allow him to travel to Italy once again and witness PAOK’s victory up close, however he rarely misses matches in Toumba.

This time around, his visit to PAOK’s home ground was a bit different. He let aside –as much as possible- his role as fan and became a reporter for a while, in order to interview Dimitris Pelkas on PAOK TV.

Despite his understandable stress that led to the… evacuation of the premises in order to complete filming, Vangelis held a beautiful and different conversation with the midfielder of PAOK and inaugurated our “Junior Reporter” section in paokfc.gr.

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