PAOK celebrates & donates!

On the occasion of the 89th anniversary of the club, the amateur section (ΑΣ ΠΑΟΚ) takes the initiative to refrain from any celebratory event and instead help our fellow humans in need. It is a move dictated by the dire times and the club’s important social role. PAOK FC applaud and actively contribute to this initiative.

The amateur section of PAOK, along with the sections of football (PAOK FC), basketball (KAE PAOK) and volleyball (TAP PAOK) and under the wings of the bishoprics of Theesaloniki, Neapoli-Stavroupoli, Nea Krini-Kalamaria, Kassandria and Langadas, will collect food for the messes organized by the afore mentioned bishoprics.

“PAOK celebrate by giving” is our motto and we appeal to PAOK fans, calling them to participate in this effort, by donating excess food.

We also appeal to professionals, to PAOK sponsors and to any corporation or company wishing to contribute to this initiative, to help us make it a successful one.

Edible food will be collected in front of Gate 1 at Toumba Stadium on Sunday 24 May, from 9 a.m. until kick-off of the encounter PAOK-Asteras Tripoli for the Super League playoffs.