PAOK in support of AHEPA

For the 4th year in a row, PAOK FC’s President supports the work at the Children Oncology Clinic of AHEPA hospital, by providing one more doctor to offer his/her services to people in need.

The Clinic was established thanks to the donation by dearly departed Giorgos Pantelakis and Ivan Savvidis carries on the work of his predecessor. As of now, there will be 3 doctors to offer their services every day to those kids giving the fight against the big C. By his donation, the Double-Headed Eagle’s President gives hope to the young fighters of life and their families for a better future.

On Friday afternoon, Vladan Ivic, Leo Matos, Stelios Malezas and Gary Rodrigues visited the clinic, handed out gifts, chatted and took pictures with those heroes of daily life; they shared moments of joy and happiness with people who really need that

Our team members were given a tour in the premises, informed by the clinic’s staff on their work and received compliments from the AHEPA people on PAOK’s contribution.

Watch exclusive photos on and PAOK TV footage of the visit and the moments spent by the players in AHEPA, along with words by the Children Oncology Clinic Director Andreas Giannopoulos.