PAOK, the movie and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3rd has been proclaimed as the international day of persons with disabilities. PAOK FC supports those fighters of daily life and turns the movie “90 years of PAOK – Nostalgia for the future” into a fully accessible one for everyone.

In collaboration with the “Movements of Artists with Disabilities”, PAOK FC supports these people, both fans of PAOK or not, and enables them to take a 90-minute trip in the club’s 90 years of history. Nikos Triantafillidis’ documentary “90 years of PAOK – Nostalgia for the future” is the first fully accessible documentary to be projected in our country.

In one month approximately, an AD-enabled projection (AD – Audio description) will take place at the Olympion movie theatre for the blind and visually impaired people. Audio Description is a technique through which visual components of the audiovisual content are turned into audio ones via descriptive narration. The audio description aims to provide objectively descriptive narration of images.

Apart from the audio description, a second technique shall be used, known in Europe as SDH (Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing). Acoustic and non-verbal information conveyed via the audio channel is replaced by subtitles prepared based on specific criteria. SDH, intra- or inter-lingual as it may be, takes into account –amongst others- elements such as distances, angle of shooting and motion on the screen, as displayed e.g. on the big screen when it comes to cinematography. The SDH style always depends on the content and it is usually as more narrative as possible to achieve the best comprehension of it.

Because, together, we can all make our world a better place to be …