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Did you know that just by giving blood, you offer life to a leukemia patient? Did you know that you may register for bone marrow donors by giving some saliva? Do you know how many fellow humans, including children, suffer from leukemia and go through the daily agony of finding a compatible donor-volunteer?

Via PAOK Action and in collaboration with KEDMOP– “Give life”, PAOK invites everyone on September, 16th in the TIF premises (13:00-22:00) to spend 5 minutes at the Association’s stand and give a tiny saliva sample using a simple cotton swab!

Every year, finding a life-saving, compatible donor-volunteer is the only chance for thousands of patients. September 15th is the World Marrow Donor Day, it’s the day we all say thank you to more than 32.000.000 marrow donor volunteers across the world who make themselves available to help our fellow people and turn leukemia into a story of the past!

A few words about the World Marrow Donor Day

The World Marrow Donor Day has been established by WMDA (World Marrow Donor Association) and is celebrated on the third Saturday of September. On this day, we send everyone a message and show how important a single person may become for someone else’s life του άλλου; we encourage people to learn more become part of this chain of life that saves lives daily across the world.

A few words about KEDMOP

KEDMOP – “Give life” is an internationally recognized pool of bone marrow donor volunteers who, by using its extensive networking (>85 partner centers), registers donors in Greece (>1,500 donors / month) and has developed all necessary structures so that it successfully manages both its own and the national register, to the benefit of patients worldwide (>55,000 donors). Currently, KEDMPO-“Give life” offers transplants to patients from both Greece and abroad. In order for many of the patients to stand a chance of survival, they will have to proceed with marrow transplant if they find a compatible donor.

So, do something amazing today:

Register as bone marrow donor-volunteers and you might be the one to save a cancer patient’s life. Donation is performed via leukapheresis and subject to being found compatible. It is risk and pain-free and it saves a life.

– KEDMPO – “Give life”,

– World Marrow Donor Association:

“Because, together, we can all make the world a better place to be”