Love has no borders #weareallrefugees

In cooperation with Makedonia Palace, PAOK FC kick off a series of initiatives to offer relief to refugees.

Europe’s refugee crisis is escalating and the whole continent is trying to tackle the issue, looking for viable solutions to relieve all these people who are forced to leave their homes and families, displaced from their homeland.

For us at PAOK, the drama of the refugees is all too familiar and painful, due to our own past and the respective drama experienced by our forefathers and founders.

In cooperation with Makedonia Palace, PAOK FC kick off a series of initiatives for the relief of refugees.

After the donation of one euro per ticket in the home encounter against Borussia Dortmund, PAOK FC will do the same in the two upcoming home matches of the “Double-Headed Eagle” in the UEFA Europa League. The sum collected will be handed to humanitarian non-governmental organizations.

Meanwhile, PAOK FC and Makedonia Palace are putting together a large scale plan of clothing and edibles’ donation, as well as emergency survival items for refugees accommodated in Thessaloniki. Please bring all such items at Gate 4 of Toumba Stadium or in the lobby of Makedonia Palace (from Monday 5 October).

There will be further announcements shortly regarding more initiatives towards financial and social support of refugees and the assistance to humanitarian – non governmental organizations. We are also planning to inform the public on the global dramatic phenomenon of rootlessness and how important it is to show love and solidarity to people who –against their will- are forced to face a situation that we Greeks experienced massively in the past.

Actually #weareallrefugees