“Crossing the border” with a solidarity concert

PAOK FC and Makedonia Palace will be “Crossing the border” on Sunday 18 October, supporting the solidarity concert that aims to offer relief to thousands of refugees who cross on a daily basis the borders of Idomeni in search of a better future.

The concert will start at noon in the Thessaloniki Port (Erythros Stavros Square), supported by PAOK FC and Makedonia Palace. More than 60 artists and singers, creative groups and dozens of volunteers will participate in the event. It’s a unique opportunity for all of us to show our support to thousands of refugees who cross on a daily basis the borders of Idomeni in search of a better future.

For us at PAOK, the drama of the refugees is all too familiar and painful, due to our own past and the respective drama experienced by our forefathers and founders. As already announced, we have kicked off a series of initiatives in cooperation with Makedonia Palace, to offer relief to refugees.

Apart from the donation of clothes and edibles and after the donation of one euro per ticket in the home encounter against Borussia Dortmund, PAOK FC will do the same in the two upcoming home matches of the “Double-Headed Eagle” in the UEFA Europa League. The sum collected will be handed to humanitarian non-governmental organizations.

Meanwhile, Makedonia Palace will donate one euro per each night stay of their guests between 15 and 31 October.

”Crossing the border” concert

PAOK FC and Makedonia Palace along with the people of Thessaloniki will “cross the border” on Sunday 18 October, in a big concert of solidarity.

Starting at noon and lasting until 20:00, everyone can come to the port of Thessaloniki and head to the designated areas in order to offer their donation of clothing, edibles and emergency survival items.

The Initiative of Thessaloniki Citizens extend an invitation to everyone to come to the concert and, instead of buying a ticket, provide any of the following items:

Baby – Children items

Diapers for newborns and toddlers (No 1 to 6), baby napkins, anti-chafing creams, baby powder, sheets for changing, mattress pad covers, pacifiers, baby bottles, baby pouches, baby and children blankets, jars of fruit cream, baby formula, milk powder, dispensable spoons, plastic glasses, long-life milk for children.

Arts and crafts/school supplies – toys

Balloons, crayons, big markers, colored pencils, notebooks and canson paper pads, coloured strings, thick adhesive tape, paper tape, thick packaging paper and canson cartons in various colours.

Dry food

Croissants, raisins, long-life milk, pastel, nuts, biscuits, cans (no pork), toasts, individual juice cartons, candies, lollipops

Personal hygiene items

ndividual soap bars, tooth paste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, sanitary napkins.


Socks (baby – children – adults), baby and children’s shoes, adult shoes (men and women) suitable for walking, waders, anoraks, trousers, caps, hats, scarfs, gloves (baby – children – adults), rompers, backpacks and sleeping bags.

The event is organized by Initiative of Thessaloniki Citizens with the collaboration of PAOK FC and Makedonia Palace, Neapoli-Sykees Municipality, Thermaikos Municipality and the support of Cultural Centre PKM and “Arsis”-Youth Support Social Organization.