This is PAOK – The gift to Giannakis

Sometimes, they win; sometimes, they lose. They feed on the applause and have to tolerate criticism. No matter what happens, however, the player in them steps aside at the end of the day, and the human steps in.

PAOK is a family, not in words but deeds. We do things nobody finds out, because there is no need to. On occasions when a message is to be conveyed and empower people because, after all, there are things more important than football.

Giannakis is also a member of the PAOK family; an honorary member, as stressed by Stelios Malezas. So, the Double-Headed Eagle’s players have decided to make him a present, a surprise for him and his family.

The old and heavy wheelchair Giannis used to have was making his daily life difficult and that of his people. This was until today since PAOK players bought him a new one as a minimum sign of respect.

Watch the article on PAOK TV and join us in making our world a better place to be.