Football provides hope to refugees

Nobody can close their eyes and sit idly by as a huge humanitarian crisis is currently taking place. Especially Greece has become witness to the drama of people forced to leave their homes overnight in a desperate attempt to save their future and the lives of their children.

PAOK honour their history and refugee roots and actively participate in European Club Association’s initiative «90 Minutes For Hope». On matchday 2 of the UEFA Europa League, we all support the refugees, by providing substantial financial help.

One euro for each ticket sold for the (already sold out) encounter of Toumba between PAOK and Borussia Dortmund will be transferred, through 90 Minutes for Hope, to an even greater effort: helping refugees in these critical times.

Football provides hope and PAOK actively help refugees. We all together can make the world a better place. Our players and coach deliver the message through this special video compiled by PAOK TV.